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Media converter VDX-TS-COM10

The VDX-TS-COM10 is a media converter between profibus and multimode fiber optic. Convert profibus signals from cable to fiber optic provides remarkable advantages in industrial plants, such as, immunity to electrical noise and independence in fiber lengths for signal transport.

The VDX-TS-COM10 is equipped with a highly advanced control electronics that allows high-speed data flows in industrial environments and independent conversion of the protocol used. The conversion is made at the physical level from electrical signal to optical and vice versa.

This technology is applicable to any protocol on the RS485 communications interface. The data signal received by RS485 is transmitted by both fiber optic interfaces. The optical signal received by any of the 2 receivers is converted to the RS485 electrical signal, output by the DB9 connector and by the transmitter of the other optical fiber.

The TS-COM10 is manufactured in ABS plastic of great robustness. It has a DIN rail connection on the back.

Media converter VDX-TS-FIBRACANBUS-V5

The equipment VDX-TS-FIBRACANBUS-V5 consists of an intelligent router-media converter between CANBUS copper and multimode fiber optic. It is equipped with the most advanced control electronics to allow high speed data flows in industrial environment. Converting a CANBUS communications signal from cable to fiber optic gives us many advantages such as noise immunity and fiber length independence. In addition, the equipment has configurations for independent speed for each of the electrical and optical interfaces.

The VDX-TS-FIBRACANBUS-V5 is made of ABS plastic with great robustness and has a DIN rail connection on the back.

General characteristics

  • 1 DB9 optocoupled electric CANBUS interface.
  • 2 TX / RX multimode fiber interfaces.
  • TX and RX status LEDs for each interface.
  • 100MIPS microcontroller. CANOPEN intelligent device.
  • Routing of packets to each interface.
  • Broadcast packages
  • Selective routing
  • LCD blue backlight 2×16 characters.
  • Switches for end of line in PCB.
  • Switches for electrical interface speed selection.
  • 24VDC power supply.
  • ABS plastic box.
  • Equipment adapted to DIN rail.

How it works

This equipment performs data conversion at the network level between its electrical and optical interfaces. and vice versa. The team is equipped with routing intelligence at the CANOPEN protocol level and is able to redirect the packets to the necessary interface at each moment.