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VDX ha estado diseñando y fabricando soluciones durante mas de una década. As a result of this experience, VDX ha conseguido especializarse en las áreas de visión artificial y comunicaciones en tiempo real en plantas productivas.


VDX is specialized in communications in industrial plants and in artificial vision solutions to improve production processes and control of them in plant and develops projects tailored to the needs of the industrial company.

For this, VDX has a team of engineers with extensive experience in solving problems of communication in industrial plants,mainly incorporating the use of optic fiber in them, as well as in the approach of artificial vision to meet special needs in the production processes.


VDX develops artificial vision solutions for industrial plants that facilitate the dynamic identification of parts, boxes, pallets, ... These solutions, which may include the development of specific hardware, are based on a set of algorithms developed by VDX for more than a decade and reflects the deep experience he has in the Linux Kernel.

In this context, VDX has developed several drivers for their hardware devices that give their vision solutions for the industry a great versatility and reliability.