Lighting for artificial vision VDX-TS-ETHLUX_V2

The VDX-TS-ETHLUX_V2 is an intelligent network device for lighting artificial vision scenes. The unit integrates an SNMP-ETHERNET controller for lighting control remotely and easily.

Characteristics of the equipment

  •      48 MIPS microcontroller.
  •      1 Ethernet 10 Mbit.
  •      Stack of SNMP-ETHERNET communications.
  •      Watchdog.
  •      24V DC / DC power supply with galvanic isolation.
  •      15 Possible levels of LED lighting.
  •      1 Optoisolated digital input.
  •      4 Switches for configuration and operation.
  •      EEPROM for storage of operating parameters.
  •      Tubular aluminum housing.
  •      Stainless support