Vision, Devices and eXtensions (VDX) was born in 2005 with a vocation for innovation in the field of artificial vision through the design and manufacture of hardware devices and software extensions.

For more than a decade, VDX has made a strong investment in Research, Development and Innovation that has resulted in a deep specialization in artificial vision and more specifically in the field of intelligent vision.

In this field of intelligent vision, VDX has developed hardware and software to offer intelligent solutions for industrial problems in production processes, quality control, stock management or logistics in sectors, such as, preserves, packaging, automobile or metalworking Among the solutions implemented are traceability, dynamic code reading, robot guidance and high precision measurements.

VDX offers five years of European warranty on all its hardware and software products. It is the result of the development of a solvent technology under the highest quality standards in the design, manufacture and final implantation in the client.