Custom projects

VDX is specialized in communications in industrial plants and in artificial vision solutions to improve production processes and control of them in plant and develops projects tailored to the needs of the industrial company.

For this, VDX has a team of engineers with extensive experience in solving problems of communication in industrial plants, mainly incorporating the use of optic fiber in them, as well as in the approach of artificial vision solutions to meet special needs in the production processes.

The main values ​​of VDX in the development of custom projects are the following:

Custom implementation

Once the project is determined, we put our development team up and running. Our technological solutions are developed to measure through the implementation of intelligent vision systems such as our network camera VDX-TS-MX6CAMi Ethernet or our different network controllers that offer clear improvements in the industrial process. These equipments are totally adapted to the processes of each client in a personalized way optimizing their performance to the maximum, whether in a production line, a quality control or a warehouse.

The precision that works

Our technological development products (software, hardware and vision) are fully guaranteed thanks to our European guarantee system. VDX maintains a commitment both to its products and to the social fabric involved in the development, manufacture and enjoyment of its projects because we conceive our strategic commitment with a development fully executed in Spain. In addition our products are manufactured under the demanding quality standards of the European Union.


The implication of our work is a total commitment to our technological solutions. The deep knowledge in these systems and devices allows us to guarantee your results with total peace of mind offering an efficient maintenance service capable of giving solvent and fast answers to possible eventualities. And not only in these cases as we pay special attention to the recalibration and improvement of the installed equipment in order to offer a technological update at all times.