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VDX Solutions and Services


VDX develops artificial vision solutions for industrial plants that facilitate the dynamic identification of parts, boxes, pallets, … These solutions, which may include the development of specific hardware, are based on a set of algorithms developed by VDX for more than a decade and reflects the deep experience he has in the Linux Kernel.

In this context, VDX has developed several drivers for their hardware devices that give their vision solutions for the industry a great versatility and reliability.

The search for the most appropriate solution begins with the identification of the need of the industrial company to improve its production processes, as well as with the cataloging of its products and the possibilities of improvement in the management of its stocks.

From this point, VDX realiza el diseño de la propuesta tecnológica, su implementación en planta y el mantenimiento

In addition, VDX facilitates real-time communications in the production plant, working with low-level TCP / IP and websockets.