Lighting for artificial vision VDX-TS-ETHLUX_V2

The VDX-TS-ETHLUX_V2 is an intelligent network device for lighting artificial vision scenes. The unit integrates an SNMP-ETHERNET controller for lighting control remotely and easily.

Characteristics of the equipment

  •      48 MIPS microcontroller.
  •      1 Ethernet 10 Mbit.
  •      Stack of SNMP-ETHERNET communications.
  •      Watchdog.
  •      24V DC / DC power supply with galvanic isolation.
  •      15 Possible levels of LED lighting.
  •      1 Optoisolated digital input.
  •      4 Switches for configuration and operation.
  •      EEPROM for storage of operating parameters.
  •      Tubular aluminum housing.
  •      Stainless support

Smart camera VDX-TS-MX6CAMi Ethernet

The VDX-TS-MX6CAMi consists of an intelligent ethernet camera embedded in Linux. Its mechanical design is made with the industrial environment in mind and with the highest levels of safety and sealing. Its 8MP image sensor, its video coprocessor and its power through POE make it a very versatile camera.

Characteristics of the equipment


  • Quadcore 1GHz fanless processor.
  • External watchdog.
  • 1 Gbyte RAM DDR3 533MHz.
  • 1 Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • RTC (real time clock) with battery.
  • SD 4GB.
  • Leds for status information.

Image sensor

  • Resolution 8MP.
  • Format 1 / 3.2 “.
  • High sensitivity technology with low light.

Image Coprocessor

  • Process capacity of 450 MP / second.
  • Gamma correction and gain.
  • Exposure adjustment (AE) and white gain (AWB).
  • Black level filtering.
  • Lens correction.
  • Noise elimination filters.
  • Color correction depending on the lighting.
  • Different scene mode.


  • Interchangeable M12 format.
  • Optics included 2.8mm Opening 81º.


  • 48V POE power with galvanic isolation.

Housing and connectors

  • Submersible IP67 anodized aluminum tube.
  • RJ45 connector for communications.


  • RS-232 port opto isolated.
  • CAN communications interface 1Mbit.


  • Opto digital input isolated.


  • NAND Flash 2 Kbyte for configuration data.
  • USB SSD Memory 128 GBytes.
  • Storage drivers iSCSI system.


  • Linux 3.14.52.
  • Video storage locally.
  • Video streaming protocols:
    ▪ RTSP.
    ▪ Apple HLS web video streaming protocol.
  • Web configuration.
  • Direct connectivity to Siemens PLC.
  • Direct connectivity to Oracle.
  • Connectivity with RS-232 series elements:
    ▪ Scales, Scanners, etc.
  • CAN server with operating drivers:
    ▪ Remote I / O peripheries.
    ▪ Servos, motors with frequency inverter.